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First ever dry
thrush treatment!
Equithotics rasp handles
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a comfortable grip!
Natural feeding saves money!
Hay Net
Unique new blade!
Hoofjack Hoof Stands
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New hoof knife!
Hoof Buffer Pro Flex Rasp
Fr. Dick Champion
Loop Knife
Guide to
Booting Horses DVD
orig $39.95
sale $29.95
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Trimming the
Laminitic Hoof DVD
orig $39.95
sale $29.95
Flares DVD
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Creating the
Perfect Hoof
orig $39.95
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More Star Ridge Specials
Go beyond the basics!

Customer Favorite Natural Trim Articles in a new money-saving value bundle for just $18.95!
We've bundled 3 of our most popular natural trim articles into one bundle at a special price. All articles are written by hoof care expert Jaime Jackson, and all provide more in-depth detail than is available in our published books. Article bundle is available on 1 CD for viewing and/or printing from your computer. Originally priced at $33.85, the 3-article set is now just $18.95!
All Articles include large photos and diagrams!
Included in the 3 Article set:

Article #101 Trimming for Natural Toe Angle, Heel Length & Toe Length - Lots of confusing and contradictory information is out there about "what angle should you aim for in your trimming?" This article helps you understand how to find and trim to your horse's natural angles. You will learn how to read the hoof and adjust your trimming to your horse's particular hooves and conformation. 10 pages, orig $7.95

Article #106 Rules of Rasping: Eliminating Flares, Splits & Rununder Heels - This article describes in detail how to render a naturally shaped hoof wall such that we simulate the effects of natural wear, and eliminate wall flare, splits, and run-under heels. You will learn how to look for the clues that a professional uses to understand a hoof's natural growth pattern and trim accordingly. Jackson’s 15 essential rules of rasping are explained in detail. 18 pages, orig $12.95

Article #107 The Correct Mustang Roll - How to render a natural “mustang roll” based on the wild horse model, while still accommodating your horse's particular wear patterns. How much bevel is most helpful? At what point during the natural hoof care process should the roll be executed? These and many other questions are answered in this article, as well as pointing out common pitfalls which most beginners have unwittingly fallen into despite good intentions. 18 pages. orig $12.95

3 Article Bundle now $18.95!
Buck Diamond Knife Sharpener orig $16.95
sale $15.95
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The Great Annual Evolutionary Tool Sale!

Star Ridge always has the best prices on Evo tools, but during this special annual sale you'll save the most on both tools and replacement blades & belts!

Sale prices through September 28, 2016
Stowaway Bag
orig $17.95
sale $14.95
orig $79.95
sale $77.95
Rasp Cleaner
orig $11.95
sale $10.95
Radius Rasp Original
Save $3.00!
Contouring Sole Rasp Pro
Save $5.00!
Contouring Sole Rasp Original
Save $4.00!
Hoof Buffer Original
Save $4.00!
Radius Rasp Pro
Save $4.00!
Hoof Buffer Pro
Save $4.00!
Radius Rasp Pro
Replacement Blade
Reg $21.95
Sale $19.95
Radius Rasp Original Replacement Blade
Reg $10.95
Sale $9.95
Hoof Buffer Original
Replacement Belt (fine)
Reg $6.95
Sale $5.95
Hoof Buffer Original
Replacement Belt (coarse)
Reg $7.95
Sale $6.95
And don't forget replacement parts!
Hoof Buffer Pro
Replacement Blade (fine)
Reg $21.95
Sale $20.95